Why I chose to fight back

DDay2FBSuzanne Cummins is one of the plaintiffs challenging Arizona’s marriage ban. Below she shares why her and her partner Holly chose to join the case.

It would break my heart if I had to leave the state of Arizona.

I‘ve lived here all my life—it’s the place where I met Holly, the woman of my dreams. It’s where we’ve started raising our two beautiful daughters. It’s where we’ve created a home.

But because of Arizona’s marriage ban, I might not have a choice: The ban denies us the freedom to marry, and it denies us the rights we need to protect our family.

I may love the state of Arizona, but I love my family more. That’s why this year, Holly and I took a stand for marriage, joining with six other same-sex couples in filing a legal challenge to the state’s marriage ban. And now, a ruling in our case could come down from a federal judge at any time!

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Being a part of this case has been the experience of a lifetime—and we know that the uphill climb has certainly been worth it: We chose to stand up for ourselves and the rights of same-sex couples in Arizona and now, a decision is right around the corner.

Will you join us for a Decision Day event when a ruling comes down in Arizona? Click here to RSVP for an event near you.

We chose to make a difference in joining this case. Now, I’m asking you to make a difference, too. Lets show Arizona and the nation that we are ready for the freedom to marry.