The future looks bright for Arizona

By Rebecca Wininger, President, Equality Arizona

Only 72 hours have passed since we launched this campaign and already, Arizonans are committing to move marriage forward in a big way.

From Yuma to Flagstaff and Avondale to Payson, marriage supporters know it’s time to ensure that in Arizona, freedom means freedom for everyone — and they’re rolling up their sleeves to get to work.

Building and solidifying majority support for the freedom to marry in Arizona won’t be easy. And starting now, it’s going to take each of us talking with our friends, neighbors, and families about why marriage matters to all families in our state.

Show your friends that you support marriage for all Arizona families. Check out our new graphic and share it with your friends on Facebook:


As more Arizonans get to know their LGBT neighbors, they’re coming to realize that every LGBT person is a part of someone’s family — and no member of anyone’s family should be told it’s illegal to marry the person they love.

Help start the conversation by saying “I support the freedom to marry in Arizona!” Click here to share our graphic on Facebook now.

Thanks for helping make this a historic week for Arizona.