VICTORY: Governor Brewer Vetoes SB1062!

You turned the tide.

A few moments ago, Gov. Brewer vetoed the incredibly harmful SB 1062. This is a huge win for LGBT people — and every Arizonan who believes in freedom for everyone.

Just a few days ago, this bill, which would have made discrimination the law in Arizona, was destined for the governor’s signature. But you didn’t let that happen.

Arizonans like you who believe in fairness for all people stood up and demanded that this bill be stopped; fortunately, Gov. Brewer heard our voices and today, she did the right thing.

Bills like this prove that our community must always be on the lookout. And our success at stopping it shows the grassroots power we’ve built in Arizona. 

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Arizona is a place where we follow the golden rule: We treat others as we’d like to be treated.

This bill was a gross violation of that principle, which is why so many Arizonans spoke out against it. From Republican Senators Flake and McCain, to business leaders and small business owners, to dozens of faith leaders from around the state and the thousands of Arizonans like you who took action to stop this bill — we built a strong, diverse movement to stop this bill.

Together, we did what no one thought possible just a week ago, and we protected LGBT people and families from being singled out for harassment and discrimination.

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