Gov. Brewer making tax day even worse

Taxes2Tax Day is tomorrow. And while April 15th is a day most Americans have come to dread, for same-sex couples in the Grand Canyon State—it brings an extra burden of heartache.

See, because the state of Arizona still refuses to recognize legally married gay and lesbian couples—thousands of couples must file their state taxes as if they were strangers—foregoing many of the financial protections and benefits that only marriage can provide.

All we’re asking is that gay and lesbian couples are treated with the same dignity and respect as everyone else. So with Tax Day looming, we’re calling on Governor Jan Brewer to do the right thing and allow legally married same-sex couples to file their state taxes jointly.

Sign the petition now and join hundreds of Arizonans who are calling on Gov. Brewer to do the right thing. Click here to add your name now.

This is about treating everyone as equal. 

After the U.S. Supreme Court struck down DOMA, this year, the federal government was required to recognize the marriages of gay and lesbian couples all across the country. This was a huge victory for equality, but as we can see, there still remains much work to be done.

In addition to being cruel, because the state of Arizona refuses to recognize all legal marriages, gay and lesbian couples face an unnecessary financial burden from not being able to file their state taxes jointly. This can cost couples upwards of thousands of dollars every year!

It may be too late for Arizona to recognize same sex couples on their tax returns for this past year, but it’s never too late to right a wrong. So join us as we call on Governor Jan Brewer to allow all legally married same sex couples to file jointly on their tax returns in 2015. Add your voice now.