Tell Gov. Brewer: Allow all married couples to file joint returns!

TaxesFBTax day is only one week away. And while the federal government recognizes all legally married couples – same-sex couples in Arizona are still prohibited from filing jointly on their state tax return.

It’s just another reminder of the hardships same-sex couples face due to the state of Arizona denying their marriage.

So leading up to April 15th, we’re putting the pressure on Governor Jan Brewer to allow same-sex couples who married out of state to file jointly on their tax return. Click here to sign our petition now.

By refusing to recognize legally married couples, the state of Arizona – under Governor Brewer’s leadership – forces a harmful and unnecessary burden on loving couples across the state who can file jointly on their federal tax return, but are seen as legal strangers in the state in which they reside.

It was your hard work that got Gov. Brewer to do the right thing, and veto SB 1062. Now we need her to do the right thing again by ensuring that same-sex couples are treated fairly. With your help, we’ll be turning up the heat on Gov. Brewer all week long.

Click here to sign our petition urging Gov. Jan Brewer to recognize the right of legally married same-sex couples to file joint state tax returns.