Support for Marriage Amongst Religious Americans Continues to Grow

AZFaithPollSupport for the freedom to marry in almost every major demographic group continues to grow—and that includes religious Americans too!

According to a poll by the Pew Research Center, support for the freedom to marry amongst religious Americans is higher than it ever has been before.

Among mainline white Protestants support for marriage has increased 38% to 62% since 2001. And Catholics have also seen an almost 20 point jump from 40% to 59% during the same period.

Black Protestants also support marriage at increasingly high numbers, from 30% to 43%, while unaffiliated Americans have increased their support from 61% to 77%.

Even white Evangelical Protestants have begun to shift in the direction of marriage equality, from 13% to 23%. And while that number is certainly lower than we would like, it is a clear indication that amongst religious Americans, support for marriage equality and an adherence to faith are no longer seen as mutually exclusive.

This trend was evidenced when just yesterday, the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona came out in support of the freedom to marry. The Episcopal Diocese of Arizona, which was established by General Convention in 1959, represents Episcopalians across the state of Arizona—with more than 22,000 members—and is further proof that the religious community is beginning to embrace marriage equality.

As more and more Americans are beginning to support the freedom to marry, whether religious or non-religious, we know we have the momentum on our side. But as we can see amongst some groups, there is still more work to be done.

By sharing the stories of loving and committed couples who are harmed by our state’s marriage ban, we can continue to sway the hearts and minds of fellow Arizonans. So that one day, we may all have the freedom to marry, no matter who we are.