Arizona Couple’s Wedding Interrupted By Hate Speech

hatespeechfbIt was supposed to be the most beautiful day of their lives—the day when Arizonans Oscar De Las Salas and Gary Jackson married in near by San Diego, CA.

The couple, who had planned an outdoor wedding in Coronado’s Centennial Park, right near the the mutli-million dollar Coronado Island Condos, were subjected to a string of homophobic slurs throughout the entire ceremony.

The slurs continued throughout the entire service and sent a chilling reminder that even in a state where marriage is legal, gay couples still face discrimination just for being who they are.

“It’s just sad that that is now ingrained for the rest of our lives in our wedding day,” said Jackson. “That person took a chunk of what should have been a beautiful day and turned it into something nasty and full of hate.”

Our hearts go out to Oscar De Las Salas and Gary Jackson—and our campaign, and tens of thousands of Arizonans across the state stand in support of this brave couple.