Join us this weekend for the Phoenix Rainbows Festival!

PhoenixPrideAs we build support for marriage in Arizona, we are busy reaching out to members of the community to talk about this important issue. This weekend, we’ve got a great opportunity to keep the momentum going at the Phoenix Rainbows Festival. This event will be a great way to connect with supporters of marriage and get them involved in our efforts. We need you help, sign up for a volunteer shift!

Join us for a volunteer shift and help us grow this campaign. Click here to sign up now!

At the Rainbows Festival, we can get more people involved in our work to build support for the freedom to marry in Arizona. Plus, after you’re done volunteering you can enjoy everything this great event has to offer.

Sign up for a shift, meet other volunteers, and talk to amazing supporters at the festival about why marriage matters to Arizona!
Click here to sign up for a volunteer shift now! Volunteers like you are the key to increasing support for marriage in Arizona.