More than 70 Faith Leaders Endorse the Freedom to Marry in Arizona

faith1fbToday, Why Marriage Matters Arizona is excited to announce Arizona Faith Leaders for Marriage—a new coalition of more than 70 faith leaders from across the state who are coming out in support of the freedom to marry.

The coalition includes a wide range of denominations including leaders from Episcopalian, Catholic, Unitarian Universalist, Presbyterian, Jewish and the United Church of Christ, among others, and is further proof that having both a strong adherence to faith and support for marriage equality are by no means mutually exclusive.

The coalition includes faith leaders such as Rev. Eric Ledermann, Pastor of the Unitarian Presbyterian Church in Tempe who said, “how I engage in the community reflects my faith, and my faith offers love and hospitality to all, including the LGBT community.”

Or Rev. John Dorhauer, the Southwest Conference Minister of the United Church of Christ who said upon joining the coalition, “As a person of faith, I believe the free exchange of genuine love is beautiful and life-giving. That is why I support the freedom to marry for all loving couples.”

We are overjoyed that such a diverse range of faith voices have come together to endorse the freedom to marry for all. Click here to read more about the growing coalition of faith leaders who believe that freedom means freedom for everyone—and that includes the freedom to marry.