Meet Arizona Latinos for Marriage: Danny Ortega

Daniel “Danny” R. Ortega Jr. is the owner of the Ortega Law Firm in Phoenix, and previously served as the Chair of the Board of Directors of National Council of La Raza, the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the U.S. Like many Arizona professionals, Danny understands why marriage matters to all committed couples. ortega

“I support marriage equality because it is a basic, fundamental freedom and equal protection under the law requires that fundamental rights be made available to all people,” Danny said. “To do otherwise would allow discrimination to flourish.”

As a civil rights leader in the Latino community, Danny recognizes the common struggle to eliminate all forms of discrimination and the need for Latinos to voice full support for the freedom to marry.

“Over history, Latinos have been at the forefront of fighting against discrimination,” Danny said. “Supporting marriage for gay and lesbian couples is an important chapter in civil rights history. No person should face discrimination when they hope to marry the person they love.”

Danny is an alumnus of Arizona State University and he has been practicing law for four decades, primarily representing people who have been injured and the families of wrongful death victims.

Danny’s strong record of service to his profession and distinguished legal career is matched by his service to the public.

He has received numerous awards in recognition of his community service and serves on the board of directors of the Cesar Chavez Foundation and Los Abogados Hispanic Bar Association.

“The freedom to marry for all Arizonans would encourage more couples to stay home in Arizona, and serve the community like I have,” Danny explained, “Dismissing gay and lesbian couples as second class is life altering for proud Arizonans. How can we expect our communities to thrive when we are not seen as equals?”

Like a growing majority of Arizonans, Danny knows that all families deserve respect and dignity in their home state. Not allowing the same freedoms to all Arizonans is keeping Arizona’s communities from moving forward.

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