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The campaign to move marriage forward in Arizona is moving full steam ahead. In order to maintain the resources that we need to secure marriage for all loving and committed couples in Arizona, we need your support. To make your gifts stretch farther–Freedom to Marry has pledged to double any donations made to Why Marriage Matters Arizona by tonight!

If you donate now, your contribution will be matched by Freedom to Marry, so your contribution of $20 will become $40 to move marriage forward in Arizona.

Throughout Arizona, loving, committed couples, young and old, with families large and small, are waiting for the responsibilities and protections that only marriage can offer.

Contribute today – and have your gift doubled – and help Why Marriage Matters Arizona move the conversation about marriage forward in our state. The deadline for this matching challenge is this Friday, December 20th–today! Your support before that deadline will make a big difference in the efforts to build support for the freedom to marry in Arizona.

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