Meet Arizona Families: Jeremy David Schachter and Nick Speliopoulos

LtoR_Gracie(Dog), Nick, Leo(Dog2), JeremyThis year’s holiday festivities will be especially meaningful for Jeremy and Nick, an Arizona couple engaged to be married next year.

“Nick’s mother is very religious and politically conservative,” Jeremy said. “It took her a while to accept our relationship and love for each other. But this year she did something that made me realize she’s fully accepted me as a part of her family.”

Nick’s mom, who also lives in Arizona, created a Christmas stocking for Jeremy that matches the one she made for Nick when he was a boy. Nick and Jeremy now have the pair hanging from the mantel of their central Phoenix home.

“It really makes me feel welcome and although our wedding next year won’t be recognized by Arizona, at least I know our parents will take our union and promise to one another seriously,” Jeremy said.

“Both of our families are very supportive and want us to get married,” Nick said. “They want us to have kids—and fast! But we’re still deciding on that. We’ve got to take this one step at a time. After the wedding we’ll start talking seriously about expanding our family.”


Jeremy and Nick Holiday stockings