Arizonans for Freedom: Grant Woods

Grant Woods, Arizona’s Republican Attorney General throughout the 1990s, believes that extending the freedom to marry to same-sex couples will spread conservative values.

Grant Woods

“The more married couples in Arizona, the better,” Grant said. “Marriage strengthens families and communities – it’s a building block of our society. It makes children feel secure and protected. It reinforces a couple’s economic partnership.”

Grant’s decision to stand for marriage for gay and lesbian couples in Arizona is informed by his extensive career history.

He was the first Congressional Chief of Staff for Sen. John McCain, a Republican who has represented Arizona in the U.S. Capitol since the early 1980s. Grant then fought for consumers and the rule of law as the state’s attorney general from 1991 through 1999. He now maintains a private law practice based in Phoenix.

Grant is also the founder of the Mesa Boys & Girls Club, the Mesa Education Foundation and the Mesa Arts Academy– one of Arizona’s first successful charter schools. Grant and his wife, former news anchor Marlene Galan Woods, were among the early forces behind the Phoenix Children’s Museum. The Woods family sponsors a permanent exhibit there.

Grant wants more couples to be assured the stability he and Marlene enjoyed as they raised their five children.

“Couples who love and are committed to each other should be supported by Arizona, not marginalized,” Grant said. “Marriage is joyful. I wouldn’t want to be denied the right to marry, so why would I advocate denying marriage to same sex couples?”

Community leaders like Grant Woods understand that marriage matters because freedom means freedom for all Arizonans.

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