The moment we’ve been waiting for

DDayFBWith one pro-marriage ruling after another around the country, I know you are probably wondering, when will it be Arizona’s turn?

The answer: a ruling on marriage in Arizona could be issued any day now! After the plaintiffs challenging our state’s marriage ban filed a motion for summary judgment asking the presiding judge to rule without a trial, we could receive a ruling at any moment.

So on the day a ruling comes down, we need to be ready. We are hosting Decision Day events in Phoenix and Tucson and we hope you can join us.

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For far too long, same-sex couples in Arizona have been denied the rights and protections that only marriage can provide.

But that might soon be a thing of the past if the presiding judge accepts the plaintiffs motion for summary judgment and agrees with 26 consecutive rulings nationwide that have found state marriage bans to be unconstitutional.

With victory within reach, now is the time to rally our base and show the courts—and the country—that Arizona is ready for the freedom to marry.

We don’t know when the court would rule. It could be tomorrow—or it could be next month. But no matter when it happens, we’ll come together as a state and as a movement to show that Arizona is ready for the freedom to marry. 

Click here to find a Decision Day event near you and you’ll be the first to know the moment a ruling comes down.