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In a landmark decision, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals today ruled that Nevada and Idaho's bans on marriage for same-sex couples are unconstitutional.

U.S. Supreme Court Decision Supporting Freedom to Marry Positive for Arizona

If Ninth Circuit rules in favor of the freedom to marry, only AG Horne stands in the way of protections for all loving couples.

Latino Leaders Unite to Support the Freedom to Marry in Arizona

Latino community organizations, leaders from across the state join civil rights icon Dolores Huerta to endorse marriage for all couples


Group Includes former AZ Attorneys General Terry Goddard and Grant Woods, and former US Attorney Paul Charlton

New Economic Study Finds Extending Marriage to Gay and Lesbian Arizona Residents Would Add $62 Million to State Economy and $5.1 Million in Sales Tax Revenue

Why Marriage Matters Arizona, the broad coalition working to secure the freedom to marry in Arizona for all committed couples, is celebrating news today that extending marriage to gay and lesbian couples in Arizona would generate $62 million in spending to the state economy in the first three years and $5.1 million in sales tax revenue during that period.

Interfaith group of Arizona clergy speak in support of the freedom for all couples to marry

This evening clergy from across Arizona gathered to voice their support for the freedom for all couples to be able to marry. This interfaith group of about two dozen from Phoenix, Flagstaff and southern Arizona came together to share their beliefs in order to counter the misconception that people of faith are opposed to same-sex marriage. These religious leaders also wanted to share their common belief that the freedom for same-sex couples to marry strengthens our nation’s guarantee of freedom of religious belief.

AZCentral: Gay marriage is inevitable, even in Arizona

It's been a good week for those who support same-sex marriage.

First, federal judges in Pennsylvania and Oregon struck down their states' bans on same-sex marriage. Now, a new Gallup Poll indicates that 55 percent of Americans support "marriage equality".

AZCentral: Gay support is nice, but schools fight takes real guts

I'm sure it took courage for Lisa Graham Keegan to reveal she has a gay daughter and supports gay marriage.

AZCentral: ‘Gay’ is not an expletive

Regarding "Sexual-orientation question causes stir in Latino district," Valley & State, Tuesday):

Francisco Mendoza is totally out of touch with Arizona's Latino community if he thinks that, in 2014, he can smear a political candidate by suggesting the candidate is gay. Latinos embrace diversity, and support for gay and lesbian people is strong in our community.

KTAR: Activists urge Gov. Brewer to recognize same-sex marriages

A group of activists made a push for the state of Arizona to recognize same-sex marriages from other states on Friday.

ABC 15: Tax Day 2014: Tax burden higher for same-sex couples in Arizona

While some people are filing taxes on this Tax Day, others could be considering filing suit.

The Republic: Same-sex-wedding planning fraught with hurt, complications

The headlines, Twitter updates and scrolling TV news tickers could give the impression that gay couples across America are buying his-and-his cake toppers and registering for hers-and-hers hand-towel sets.

KFYI: Same Sex Couples Ask for Tax Filing Equality

A group promoting same-sex marriage delivered petitions to Governor Jan Brewer's office on Friday asking the governor "to reconsider her position on the recognition of same-sex marriages performed outside of Arizona."

KTAR: Court urged to delay merging Arizona gay marriage cases

Attorneys for plaintiffs in one of two pending lawsuits challenging Arizona's ban on same-sex marriage are asking a federal court to hold off on combining the suits into one case.

Why Marriage Matters Arizona Supports Lawsuit Challenging Arizona’s Discriminatory Marriage Law

Suit brought by Lambda Legal on behalf of seven Arizona families will help raise awareness about why the freedom to marry is important for LGBT people