Call Governor Brewer to stop discrimination against LGBT Arizonans!


Yesterday, the Arizona House passed the anti-freedom SB1062. SB1062 would allow anyone — from businesses to employers — to openly discriminate against LGBT Arizonans on the grounds of “religious beliefs.”

The bill has already passed in the Senate, which means it’s now on its way to Governor Brewer’s desk — our last chance to stop it from becoming law. Time is running out.

Call Governor Brewer and ask her to veto this discriminatory piece of legislation:

DIAL: (602) 542-4331 or (520) 628-6580
SAY: Hi, my name is __________ and I live in _____________. I’m calling to urge Governor Brewer to veto SB1062. Arizonans believe in freedom for all — and that includes our gay and lesbian neighbors. Please reject this harmful legislation.

Religious freedom is a fundamental part of America, but those beliefs don’t entitle any of us to discriminate against others. Freedom means freedom for everyone in Arizona. If SB1062 is signed into law, it would mean it’s legal to treat people differently because of who they are and who they love.

And that’s not all. Leading businesses from across the state have already spoken out against this legislation because they know it would create a reputation that Arizonans are judgmental and unwelcoming — and haunt our business climate for decades to come.

Together, we can stop SB1062 and defend liberty for every family who calls our state home.

CLICK HERE to call Governor Brewer and ask her to veto SB1062 now.