80+ Businesses urge Governor Brewer to veto SB 1062


Businesses from across Arizona have issued a letter to Governor Brewer, urging her to veto the controversial so-called religious freedom bill SB 1062. If signed into law, the bill would allow for legal discrimination based on religious beliefs, leaving same-sex couples and their families at risk in our state.

Business leaders are also concerned with the economic repercussions the bill would have in Arizona. As Arizona struggles to remain competitive in growing national markets, businesses fear the potential backlash SB 1062 could have on their sales and their employees.

The letter, signed by industry titans such as AT&T, Petsmart, Westin Hotels, along with 80+ additional employers, reads as follows:

Dear Governor Brewer:

As representatives from a wide swath of Arizona’s business community and tourism
industry, including associations with thousands of member companies in a variety of
industries critical to the economic vitality of this state, we collectively urge you to VETO
SB 1062 as soon as possible.

We feel strongly that this piece of legislation represents bad public policy and is already
causing significant detrimental economic impact to the state of Arizona.

With your leadership and support, our state has been making great strides in creating a
world class business climate, as evidenced by Apple’s recent site selection of Mesa. We
congratulate you on creating this type of economic progress.

We too are also focused on building a vibrant business community, which is why we are
so concerned. This legislation will greatly impact our ability to not only attract top
talent to move to Arizona, but will also greatly inhibit our ability to recruit businesses to
relocate here. We worry about our ability to succeed in competing with other markets.

This legislation is frivolous, unnecessary and fiscally perilous. Arizona business owners
already have the right to refuse business to anyone. There is no need for this
legislation, and we believe it is attempting to fix a problem that doesn’t exist.

When the Legislature passes bills like this, it creates a reputation that Arizona is
judgmental and unwelcoming. This will haunt our business community for decades to

You have an opportunity to lead on an issue that will otherwise have a detrimental
economic impact on Arizona. We strongly urge you to VETO SB 1062 today and
continue your support for Arizonans, our local businesses and economy.

The letter was delivered to the governor following a letter from faith leaders from across Arizona. Major employers such as Apple, Marriott Hotels and American Airlines have also spoken out against SB 1062, and support calling for a veto.

Business leaders, community members and faith leaders are worried about the negative impacts SB 1062 would have on our communities, and are urging Governor Brewer to veto this harmful bill. You can join their efforts now by calling Governor Brewer’s office and letting her know you oppose SB 1062.

It’s easy — just click here and we will connect you! Call now and urge the governor to protect all Arizonans’s by vetoing SB 1062.