BREAKING: Arizona must respect this legal marriage

georgemartinezfbFollowing the tragic death of George Martinez, one of the plaintiffs challenging Arizona’s marriage ban, Lambda Legal filed an emergency motion on behalf of his husband Fred McQuire—urging the court to grant legal recognition of their marriage.

Today, a federal judge heard Fred’s motion—and we are happy to report that Judge Sedwick did the right thing. Fred & George’s marriage is now legally recognized in Arizona—and Fred will not be denied survivor benefits that he needs and so rightfully deserves.

It’s tragic that George would not live to see the day when his marriage of more than 45 years would be recognized in the state they called home. But at least Fred can find some solace in this most difficult time, knowing that he will be afforded the protections and respect only marriage can provide.

Fred & George’s story underscores the undeniable fact: Arizona’s marriage ban causes real pain and suffering for real families in our state every single day.

Our sincerest condolences go out to Fred, who along with George, so bravely challenged Arizona’s marriage ban head on. We thank this incredible couple for their advocacy and strength in this fight.

Today was an important victory for Fred and his family. but now it’s time to win marriage once and for all. Any day now, the same judge is expected to issue a broader ruling on the constitutionality of Arizona’s marriage ban. So the day a ruling comes down, join us at a Decision Day event in Tucson or Phoenix.