Arizona Small Business Owners Speak Out For Marriage

Arizona has secured the freedom to marry at long last. But it isn’t just same-sex couples and their families who benefit—all Arizonans across the state are better off for living in a freer, more equitable and more accepting state. And one group that is doing particularly well after securing the freedom to marry is Arizona’s small business owners.

republicJim Weisman, owner and founder of Republic West Remodeling, shares why he chose to be one of many small business owners in Arizona to speak out in favor of the freedom to marry:

“I believe marriage matters to same sex couples for the very same reasons it matters to all couples. It is about love, commitment, and family. The Why Marriage Matters movement is about fairness and freedom of choice. Government has it place in our society but governing love, denying an individual’s choice as to who to spend their life with is just wrong.”

scenicSteve Gerhart of Arizona Scenic Tours agrees, explaining:

“We support the Why Marriage Matters Business Pledge because it is time to move forward with an open mind and an open heart to all people. Time to accept that all people are unique and that is exactly what makes us all who we are. We at Arizona Scenic Tours have family members and friends that are from all walks of life, and we see first hand what the joy of marriage brings to couples of all backgrounds. It is time for businesses to open up and share in that joy. It is not about profit. It is simply the right thing to do.”

runningLisa Pozzoni, owner and founder of The Running University walked 100 miles with the Equality Walkers in 2012 and says, “My business and I will stand behind Why Marriage Matters until we get equal rights for all citizens.”




chiroFor Troy Counselman, DC of $25 Chiropractic, his support for the freedom to marry is all about equality:

“In America no person or group of people have the right to impose their personal values, beliefs, or way of life upon any other person or group of people, as long as that way of life does not hurt the lives of others. There is no way someone can convince me that two people who love each other who wish to make a lifelong commitment affirming that love should be prohibited from doing so, or that doing so would be damaging to the moral fabric of our society.”


flatironBut when it comes to Flatiron Cafe owners Jen and Amy Wieters, they just want their marriage to be recognized in the state they live and run a successful business. “We would like ours, and all gay marriages recognized in the state of Arizona.”



All across the Grand Canyon State, business owners are speaking out in support of the freedom to marry. Coupled with a recent Williams Institute study that found securing the freedom to marry would add an estimated $61.9 million to the state economy, it’s not hard to see that winning marriage was not just the right thing to do, but it’s good for small businesses, too.