Linda Valdez for AZ Central: “Arizona, it’s time for same-sex marriage”

Editorial ArizonaRepublic 2As Arizonans from across the state continue to celebrate the defeat of SB 1062—the bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse service to someone because they were gay and lesbian—supporters from across the state are calling on our state to take the next step forward by securing marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

In a column published this weekend for the Arizona Republic, Linda Valdez says that defeating the discriminatory amendment, though a victory, is not enough. She calls on Arizonans from across the state who spoke out against SB 1062 to recognize that current laws still discriminate against loving gay and lesbian families—and then to help change those laws for the better:

The question is: What should we do now?

Instead of going back to sleep after the nightmare of Senate Bill 1062, Arizona needs to be proactive on behalf of civil rights.

Our state needs to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation, and it needs to legalize same-sex marriage.

These are not radical ideas. They are, in fact, a logical progression along the “arc of the moral universe,” which, as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “bends towards justice.”

Businesses, politicians, faith leaders and average folks raised their voices in opposition to a law that was designed as a pre-emptive strike against equality. They should not shut up now.

If SB 1062 was wrong — and it was — then the status quo is wrong, too.

The defeat of SB 1062 makes it clear that there is undeniable momentum for freedom and fairness in Arizona—and that a majority of Arizonans believe in treating our neighbors with respect.

With polls showing plurality support—by an eight-point margin—it’s time for the freedom to marry in Arizona. Click here to sign our petition and show that you are ready to help make Arizona a state where all families are valued and respected.