Arizona Lawyers for the Freedom to Marry


As members of Arizona’s legal community, we took an oath through which we promised to uphold the principle of equal protection and the due process rights safeguarded by the United States Constitution. Legalizing the freedom to marry for same-sex couples is crucial to fulfilling the promise of fair and equal treatment under the law for all couples in Arizona. No one should be treated unequally under the marriage laws because of who they are and who they love.

Allowing all loving, committed couples in Arizona to obtain a civil marriage license would strengthen Arizona by ensuring fairness and respect within our legal system and the community at large.

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Arizona Lawyers Speaking Out for Marriage

Terry Goddard

Former Arizona Attorney General and Former Phoenix Mayor

“This is a matter of fairness under the law. As attorneys here in Arizona, we believe in equal rights and freedom for all.  And, marriage is a fundamental freedom.  We hope that one day soon, marriage equality will be the law of land.”

Andy Silverman

Joseph M. Livermore Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Program at the University of Arizona

“All across the country, judges from across the ideological spectrum have come to the same conclusion: same-sex couples deserve the dignity of marriage, and anti-marriage laws are indefensible.”

Grant Woods

Former Arizona Attorney General

“There is no legal justification to have one set of rules for straight couples and a different set of rules for gay couples. That’s not how we do things in America. This is nothing but discrimination.”

Tom Simplot

Former Phoenix City Councilmember

“As lawyers, we believe that allowing all loving, committed couples in Arizona to obtain a civil marriage license would strengthen our state by ensuring fairness and respect within our legal system and the community at large. Legalizing the freedom to marry for same-sex couples is crucial to fulfilling the promise of equal treatment for all of Arizona’s people.”

Full List of Arizona Lawyers for the Freedom to Marry

Shawn Aiken
Steve Andrews
Krystal Aspey Fleischmann
Barbara Atwood
Jennifer Axel
Roxana Bacon
Maria Baier  •  Phoenix Suns
John Barwell
Diana Baskind
Keith Beauchamp
Paul Bender
Sean Berberian  •  White Berberian, PLC
Steven Berger
Don Bivens
Charles Blanchard
Jeff Brodin  •  Brodin HR Law
Kathleen Brody
Garland Brown  •  Weiss Brown
Lyzzette Bullock
Dennis Burke  •  Former U.S. Attorney for Arizona
Patricia Burnett
GeraldBurns  •  Burns Law Office, PLC
Colleen Cacy  •  Gadarian & Cacy
Charles Calleros
Flynn Carey
Paul Charlton  •  Former U.S. Attorney for the Arizona District
Nancy Charlton
Stephanie Cherny
James Christian
Sam Coppersmith  •  Coppersmith Brockelman, PLC
Amelia Cramer
Lauren Crawford
Shelley Detwiller DiGiacomo  •  DDP Legal
John DeWitt
Karen Dickinson
Amy Dohr
Lisa Duran
Chelsea Durkin
Stephanie Easterling
Timothy Eckstein
Paul Eckstein
Annette Everlove  •  Annette Everlove, PC
James Fassold
Susan Ferrell
William Fischbach
Ronda Fisk
Judy Flanagan  •  Judy C. Flanagan, PC
Mitch Fleischmann
Edward Fox
Alfred French  •  Alfred R French, PLLC
Grady Gammage
Daniel Garrison  •  Andante Law Group
Paul Gattone  •  Law Office of Paul Gattone
Terry Goddard
Gregory Goldsand
Chelsey Golightly
Louis Goodman
Javier Grajeda
Kari Jill Granville  •  Granville Law
Alisa Gray  •  Tiffany & Bosco
Kathie Gummere  •  Kathie J Gummere, Attorney at Law
Joshua Hamilton  •  Law Office of Clay Hernandez
Larry Hammond
Bill Hardin
Mark Harrison
Cody Hayes  •  Hayes Esquire, PLLC
Alicia Heflin
Ed Hermes
Jessica Hernandez
Joy Herr-Cardillo
Darrell Hill
Valerie Hink
Amanda Hough
Thomas Hudson
Michelle Jager
Regina Jefferies  •  Guerrero Jefferies Law Group, LLP
Mikkel Jordahl  •  Mikkel Mik Jordahl, PC
Joon Kee  •  Kee Law Firm, PLC
Brent Kleinman •  Kleinman Law Firm
Nathan Kunz
Nancy Landry
Caroline Larsen
Beth Lebowitz
Amy Lieberman
May Lu
Rebecca Lumley
Lawrence Lynde  •  Lawrence K. Lynde, PLLC
Heather Macre
Brendan Mahoney
Robbert S. Malone  •  Law Office of Robert S. Malone
Janet Marcotte
Lynn Marcus
Daniel Maynard
Kevin McCarthy
Pat McGroder
Craig McPike
Tracy Miller
Barry Mitchell  •  Mitchell Stein Carey
Matthew Moellering
Loren Molever  •  Molever Conelly PLLC
Gladis Molina
Jeff Molinar
Alma Montes de Oca
Weston Montrose
Tibor Nagy  •  Ogletree Deakins
Gail Natale
Randall Nelson
Kevin Nelson
Daniel Ortega  •  Ortega Law Firm P.C.
Karen Owens
Ryan Patterson
Nicole Patterson
Don Peters
John Phebus  •  The Law Offices of John Phebus
Nancy Pisaruk
Sara Powell  •  Law Office of Sara J. Powell, PLLC
Javier Puig  •  Schiffman Law
Martin Quezada  •  Law Office of Martin J. Quezada, PLLC
Nina Rabin
Luis Ramirez  •  Pryor, Ramirez, & Amar
Jeffrey Rogers  •  Law Office of Jeffrey J. Rogers, PLC
Kristen Rosati
David Rosenbaum
Lawrence Rosenfeld
Joseph Roth
Jonathan Rothschild  •  Mayor of Tucson
Leslie Satterlee
Alan Schiffman
Anna Schiffman
Flora Schule
Steve Serrano
F. William Sheppard
Siovhan Sheridan
Nonnie Shivers  •  Ogletree Deakins
Margarita Silva  •  M Silva Law Firm, PLC
Leon Silver
Andy Silverman
Tom Simplot
J. CaveneeSmith
Lee Stein
Sarah Stone
Mayan Tahan
Brad TenBrook  •  Gregg R. Woodnick, PLLC
Ashley Tuchman
Andrew Turk
Nick Verderame
Kevin Wein  •  Doyle Raizner, LLP
Scott Weiss  •  Weiss Brown/Corporate
Steven White  •  White Berberian, PLC
Rachel Wilson  •  Rachel Wilson, PLLC
Andrea Wimmer
Lori Winkelman
Derron Woodfork
Gregg Woodnick  •  Gregg R. Woodnick, PLLC
Claudia Work  •  Campbell Law Group
Gary Zwillinger