Former Republican AG says he wouldn’t defend Arizona’s marriage ban

Grant WoodsToday, former Republican Attorney General Grant Woods published a powerful op-ed in AZ Central, criticizing Arizona’s marriage ban and making the case for why the state should stop defending the ban in court.

 I had the honor of serving as Arizona’s attorney general from 1991 to 1999. If I were serving in that role today, I would make the case that our state’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

Grant Woods, who served as Arizona’s Attorney General for much of the 90s, castigates Arizona’s marriage ban, repeatedly arguing that it is discriminatory and unconstitutional—drawing on the precedent set by Windsor exactly one year ago to make his point.

As Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the Windsor decision, DOMA’s ban on same-sex marriage “violates basic due process and equal protection principles.” I agree with the Supreme Court ruling and believe the same law and principles apply to Arizona’s ban.

In describing why he opposes Arizona’s ban, for Woods—it goes against the very founding principles for which our country is based on.

One of the most important core values we share as Americans is our belief in the Golden Rule — treating others as we want to be treated.

To single out a class of Americans because of a trait fundamental to who they are is unfair, unlawful and violates the basic principles of equality that are so important to who we are as a nation.

Woods—who argues that it is the responsibility of the Attorney General to call out the state when they are violating the Constitution, concludes by stating that he himself would not defend the law if he were still the Attorney General. Rather, he would work to fight and overturn the law making the argument for equal protection under the law.

Already, thousands of Arizonans have signed our petition urging AG Tom Horne to drop his harmful defense of AZ’s marriage ban. Click here to add your name to the petition now.