Poll: Arizonans support the freedom to marry by an 8 point margin


In light of Governor Brewer’s veto of the discriminatory SB 10 62, new polling shows that Arizonans favor equality for gay and lesbian couples.

In a recently released poll conducted by PPP, Arizonans polled supported legally extending marriage to same-sex couples by an 8 point margin. The poll reflected that voters under 45 widely support marriage for same-sex couples, with seniors being the only age group to not poll in favor. The poll also showed that 66% of Arizonans agree with Governor Brewer’s decision to veto SB 10 62 and oppose similar measures that would permit discrimination against same-sex couples.

For the first time, Arizona holds plurality support for the equality, proving what we already know — Arizona is ready for the freedom to marry.

With the majority of Arizonans in favor of the freedom to marry, Why Marriage Matters Arizona is confident that if we harness this momentum, we can continue to move marriage forward for same-sex couples in our state.

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