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AZCentral: Arizona could profit from gay marriage, study finds

Legalizing gay marriage could bring $60 million to Arizona's economy and support up to 500 jobs around the state, a study by lawyers and economists for UCLA has found.

New Economic Study Finds Extending Marriage to Gay and Lesbian Arizona Residents Would Add $62 Million to State Economy and $5.1 Million in Sales Tax Revenue

Why Marriage Matters Arizona, the broad coalition working to secure the freedom to marry in Arizona for all committed couples, is celebrating news today that extending marriage to gay and lesbian couples in Arizona would generate $62 million in spending to the state economy in the first three years and $5.1 million in sales tax revenue during that period.

The Williams Institute: Extending Marriage To Same-Sex Couples Would Add An Estimated $61.9 Million To State Economy

In a new study released by the Williams Institute, extending marriage to gay and lesbian Arizonans would generate $61.9 million in spending for the state economy and $5.1 million in state and local tax revenue.