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Meet Arizona Families: Joe Connolly and Terry Pochert

“If I could marry you, I would ask you right now,” Joe Connolly said from across the table to Terry Pochert. The two men exchanged onion rings at that very moment, a silly gesture that meant much more. Despite how much they loved each other, it was 1995, and the thought of same-sex couples having the freedom to marry was a distant dream. Instead, Terry and Joe made a promise to one another that they would live their lives together in love.

We’re hiring a Finance Director

Why Marriage Matters Arizona (WMMA) is seeking an experienced Finance Director will manage the organization’s fundraising program.

Arizonans for Freedom: Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema

Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema is joining our campaign to move marriage forward for all Arizona families! A long-time champion of freedom and equality for all Arizonans, Congresswoman Sinema says now, more than ever, it's time to ensure that same-sex couples in our state are afforded the respect and protections only marriage can provide.

Meet Jeremy Zegas, our new Project Director for Why Marriage Matters Arizona

We're proud to announce Jeremy Zegas as the Project Director for Why Marriage Matters Arizona's campaign to bring the freedom to marry to AZ. . Get to know Jeremy and hear more about his plans for leading our efforts to grow support for marriage in his interview on our blog.

Phoenix Business Journal: Federal lawsuit challenges Arizona’s same-sex marriage ban

A national gay rights legal group has filed a federal lawsuit challenging Arizona’s ban on same-sex marriage. Lambda Legal filed the lawsuit on the heels of challenges to others states' gay marriage bans.

Arizona families file lawsuit seeking the freedom to marry

Today, eight brave Arizona families filed a lawsuit challenging the state's discriminatory ban on marriage for same-sex couples in Arizona. The suit was filed by Lambda Legal and is now the second case seeking the freedom to marry in the state.

Why Marriage Matters Arizona Supports Lawsuit Challenging Arizona’s Discriminatory Marriage Law

Suit brought by Lambda Legal on behalf of seven Arizona families will help raise awareness about why the freedom to marry is important for LGBT people

NEW POLL: 61% of Young Republicans support the freedom to marry

Across the country, young voters overwhelmingly believe in the freedom to marry for same-sex couples—and that reigns true among Republicans too. A new poll released by Pew Research Center shows that 61 of Republicans under the age of 30 support marriage for gay and lesbian couples, while only 35% oppose.

Linda Valdez for AZ Central: “Arizona, it’s time for same-sex marriage”

In a column published this weekend for, Linda Valdez says that defeating the discriminatory amendment, though a victory, is not enough. She calls on Arizonans from across the state who spoke out against SB 1062 to recognize that current laws still discriminate against loving gay and lesbian families—and then to help change those laws for the better.

Poll: Arizonans support the freedom to marry by an 8 point margin

In light on Governor Brewer's veto of the discriminatory SB 10 62, Arizonans are polling in favor of equality for gay and lesbians.