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Thank you to the businesses opposed to SB 1062

Yesterday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the so-called religious freedom bill SB 1062. SB 1062 would have provided a license to legally discriminate based on religious convictions, leaving all LGBT people unprotected in our state. Nationwide, businesses voiced their opposition to the divisive bill, and the pressure led the Governor to do the right thing for Arizona and veto the bill.

VICTORY: Governor Brewer Vetoes SB1062!

A few moments ago, Gov. Brewer vetoed the incredibly harmful SB 1062. This is a huge win for LGBT people -- and every Arizonan who believes in freedom for everyone.

The Phoenix City Council calls for Gov. Brewer to veto SB 1062

The Phoenix City Council passed a resolution with a vote of 8-1, supporting a veto of SB 1062, the so-called religious freedom bill that would allow Arizona institutions to legally discriminate based on religious beliefs.

80+ Businesses urge Governor Brewer to veto SB 1062

Businesses from across Arizona issued a letter to Governor Brewer, urging her to veto the controversial so-called religious freedom bill SB 1062. If signed into law, the bill would allow for legal discrimination based on religious beliefs, leaving same-sex couples and their families at risk in our state.

Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee: “We do not support this legislation”

The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee for Super Bowl XLIX is joining the growing list of businesses that are speaking out to urge Governor Brewer to veto the controversial SB 1062, the so-called religious freedom bill that just passed through the Arizona Senate.

Opposition to SB 1062

Leaders from across the state of Arizona are speaking out against SB 1062. Below is the growing list of groups, businesses, politicians and community leaders who oppose the divisive SB 1062.

Faith and business leaders urge Gov. Brewer to veto SB1062

A letter was sent to Governor Brewer's on Monday morning calling for the veto of SB1062, signed by faith leaders from across Arizona. Religious leaders penned a plea to the Governor, asking her to consider the damages SB1062 would have on our state.

URGENT: Help stop SB1062! Email Governor Brewer now

We only have a matter of days left to stop SB1062. Governor Brewer said she will decide whether or not she will veto this dangerous legislation by next Friday at the latest -- and if she doesn’t, it will be legal to deny basic services and protections to LGBT Arizonans.

Greater Phoenix Economic Council: SB1062 will have “profound, negative effects.. for years to come”

On Friday, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council issued a letter to Governor Brewer, warning of the negative economic impacts that would ensue should she sign SB1062 into law

Call Governor Brewer to stop discrimination against LGBT Arizonans!

Yesterday, the Arizona House passed the anti-freedom SB1062. SB1062 would allow anyone -- from businesses to employers -- to openly discriminate against LGBT Arizonans on the grounds of “religious beliefs.”