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Meet Arizona Families: Jeremy David Schachter and Nick Speliopoulos

This year’s holiday festivities will be especially meaningful for Jeremy and Nick, an Arizona couple engaged to be married next year.“Nick’s mother is very religious and politically conservative,” Jeremy said. “It took her a while to accept our relationship and love for each other. But this year she did something that made me realize she’s fully accepted me as a part of her family.”

Meet Arizona Families: Gerardo Ramirez and Paul Hopkins

Gerardo and Paul have been together since 1995, when they met on AOL during the early days of Internet matchmaking. They met while they were both living in New Jersey but have been together in Phoenix since 1996. They married in the state of New York two years ago.

Deadline to match your gift is today!

The campaign to move marriage forward in Arizona is moving full steam ahead. In order to maintain the resources that we need to secure marriage for all loving and committed couples in Arizona, we need your support. To make your gifts stretch farther--Freedom to Marry has pledged to double any donations made the Why Marriage Matters Arizona by tomorrow!

Congratulations, New Mexico!

It’s a historic day in New Mexico.

Meet Arizona Families: Lisa Malachowsky and Beverly Crair

Lisa and Bev were introduced by a mutual friend about 18 years ago, when they were both living in greater Silicon Valley and working in high tech. They have been a couple for about five years and during that time have overcome challenges that many married couples encounter.

$10,000 Matching Challenge

Exciting news: Because they’re so impressed with the enthusiasm and energy of our work to increase support for the freedom to marry in Arizona, our national partners at Freedom to Marry are offering us an amazing opportunity.For every dollar you contribute our efforts, Freedom to Marry will give one too, up to $10,000.

Don’t miss our Tucson Community Meeting on Thursday!

Live near Tucson? Then join us at our Community Meeting on Thursday at 6pm and learn how you can help move marriage forward in your community.