$10,000 Matching Challenge

Exciting news: Because they’re so impressed with the enthusiasm and energy of our work to increase support for the freedom to marry in Arizona, our national partners at Freedom to Marry are offering us an amazing opportunity.For every dollar you contribute our efforts, Freedom to Marry will give one too, up to $10,000.

Since launching this effort a few months ago, I’ve been amazed at the incredible momentum we’ve built, and I am confident we can meet this challenge.

All across Arizona, people are standing up for freedom and liberty for all of our families. People are talking to their friends and neighbors about why marriage matters to them or to the same-sex couples in their lives, and it’s making a difference.Make no mistake — what happens in the coming year will determine the fate of marriage for Arizona’s same-sex couples. And Freedom to Marry’s matching challenge, with your support, will give us the resources we need to move marriage forward in a big way in 2014.We only have until next Friday, December 20th, to reach our $10,000 goal and have it matched, so please contribute what you can, as soon as you can.Make a contribution – and have it matched – right now.
Thank you for your support!