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Why Marriage Matters Arizona is a grassroots public education campaign to build support for the freedom to marry in Arizona. This campaign is about sharing stories and fostering conversation – showing that every LGBT person is part of someone’s family and should be treated with compassion and respect.

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Op-ed: Marriage limbo at tax time

Today is Tax Day, and while families across the state and nation are scrambling to submit last-minute returns, Tonya and Melanie Puskar-Blakeley are reflecting on the process. The Glendale couple has been legally married since 2008, but since Arizona does not recognize their union, filing for taxes has a whole other level of complication.

Gov. Brewer making tax day even worse

Tax Day is tomorrow. And while April 15th is a day most Americans have come to dread, for same-sex couples in the Grand Canyon State—it brings an extra burden of heartache.

Melanie Puskar-Blakely: As if we were strangers

After the U.S. Supreme Court struck down DOMA last year, my wife Tonya and I were elated when, for the first time since we married in 2008, we filed our federal taxes jointly—as a legally married couple.

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